"because I want to explore new perspectives"
"because being a teacher is a great stepping stone"
"because I want to build on my talents"
"because I want to bring the world into my classroom"

The Schwyz University of Teacher Education

The Schwyz University of Teacher Education is a cantonal institution of higher education where students can qualify to become kindergarten and primary school teachers. Our Bachelor’s degree study programme, includes teaching methods and classroom management, child development, as well as  a broad range of school subjects. We have a strong record in both continuing professional development and research and development, especially with digital media for education. Located in the heart of Switzerland, we are surrounded by mountains and a stunning natural landscape.


Pädagogische Hochschule Schwyz
Zaystrasse 42
CH-6410 Goldau

T +41 41 859 05 90
info @ phsz.ch

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