EU Comenius project: VoiceS, the VOICE of European TeacherS

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, the VOICE of European TeacherS (VOICES) needs to ring out loud and clear. European Teacher Competences and European Key Competences for Lifelong Learning are crucial for teachers, teacher trainers and researchers. Teachers are the key players in the future education of our children and European citizens.

The VOICE of European TeacherS (VOICES) network offers students, teachers, primary and secondary schools, teacher trainers, researchers and others interested in education, opportunities for contact, exchanges, cooperative projects, and ongoing learning and sharing. Collaboration and reflection are essential learning practices within the VOICES network; therefore, a conference is held in a European city once a year; a digital newsletter is published twice a year; in-service professional development courses are offered periodically; and teachers regularly start their own projects in schools.

Ten universities of applied sciences from throughout Europe work together with VOICES network members to improve the quality of education in national and research groups. All national and research groups build on the European Teacher Model that was previously developed to strengthen the European Competences. Competences that are now needed to strengthen both our society and the world we live in.

The VOICE of European TeacherS (VOICES) is fast developing into a network, which connects students as future teachers, teachers, teacher trainers, researchers and persons of other institutes (connected to the educational field) in Europe.

VOICES is planning to continue the project and we are proud to be a partner.


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