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Do you want to be a teacher?

Do you enjoy working with children and adolescents? Would you like to be part of creating  schools of the future? Are you seeking a profession with broad perspectives and responsibilities? If so, think about becoming a teacher.

Become a classroom teacher

Our university will train you to become a skilled classroom teacher. You will acquire the necessary skills to teach all class subjects and to manage a classroom. We offer two different study programmes: the first for kindergarten and early primary school education (KG and 1st/2nd class), and the second for primary school education (1st to 6th class). In either case, you will acquire an understanding of how to facilitate the learning process and overcome pedagogical challenges.

A broad range of subjects

At our university you will study the full range of subjects taught in kindergarten or primary school. You will also learn how to teach one or two foreign languages. Our objective is to enable you to teach a comprehensive range of classroom subjects in your future professional practice. Your studies will form an ideal foundation for further steps in your career.

Flexible study programmes

Our study programme means you can  become a teacher even if you will be working part-time or taking care of your family. You can complete various parts of the three-year study programme online. In this way, you can reduce the time you need to be present at the university to 2.5 to 3 days a week. If you  prefer to study part-time, you can also prolong your course of studies to up to 6 years.

Contact us

We would be glad to answer any questions or meet  you personally. Please contact Dr. Kathrin Futter  (ausbildung @ phsz.ch, +41 41 859 05 82).


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