Open Research Programme (OFP)

The Open Research Programme of the PHSZ covers a wide range of research topics and methods. It provides high-profile lecturers and staff with the opportunity to conduct research on current educational issues through internal funding and co-funding of projects. Special emphasis is placed on the promotion of qualification theses (i.e. dissertations and habilitations). Internally funded projects are subject to strict evaluation in a standardised application procedure that involves external experts.

Topics of funded research and development projects

  • Physical education (Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Kühnis)
  • Language education (Prof. Dr. Naxhi Selimi, M.Ed. Illya Arnet)
  • Science education (Dr. Judith Arnold)
  • History education (Dr. Guido Estermann, Dr. Jolanda Nydegger)
  • Media and Computer Science education (MA Nina Imlig-Iten, MA Regina Schmid, MSc Desirée Fahrni, Dr. Michael Ruloff)
  • Pedagogical beliefs of teachers (lic. phil. Daniela Knüsel Schäfer)
  • University governance (MA Nancy Eckert)
  • Heterogeneity in schools (lic. phil. Debbie Mandel)


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