Institute for Research on Instruction and Subject-specific Didactics (IUF)

Our research addresses the fundamental question of learning and instruction in schools: How can we improve our understanding and support of the pupils’ acquisition of subject-specific competences, knowledge, and skills? We take different perspectives on this basic question and at the same time strive to link them. We focus on the developmental pathways of kindergarten children, school children, and student teachers as well as on the actions and the thinking of teachers. In our research and development projects, we combine knowledge from the psychology of learning, subject-specific contents, didactics, and pedagogy with the expertise of experienced teachers. By doing so, we generate insights that are relevant to both research and practice.


We mainly deal with the following aspects:

  • At the level of kindergarten and school children, we conduct research on the individual development of subject-specific and domain-general competences, knowledge, and skills.
  • At the teacher level, we investigate how pre-service and in-service teachers can be supported in their development of subject-specific didactical expertise.
  • At the instructional level, we investigate how the interaction between teaching materials, content, and teachers’ actions can be effectively designed to motivate children to engage and learn.


You can find a list of current projects here. Completed projects are documented here.


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