Institute for Media and School (IMS)

It is hard to imagine everyday life without digital technologies. However, this relatively new reality raises several questions for schools. For example: How can educational technologies effectively support teaching and learning processes? How do we teach children to responsibly and effectively use digital media? And what implications do these developments have for universities? In particular, how should we educate the current cohort of primary and secondary school teachers to make them feel confident in preparing the next generation for a life in the digital age? Since 2003, the interdisciplinary team of the Institute for Media and School has initiated research and development projects to find answers to these questions. We do this by carrying out empirical studies within national and international research contexts, by supervising and evaluating pilot projects, and by developing learning software and games.


Our current focus is on:

  • Educational technology: Researching the use of digital technologies to harness their potential to foster active and stimulating learning and teaching.
  • Media education: Fostering digital skills in order to prepare students to deal with digital media and digital technologies in an autonomous, responsible, and critical way.  
  • Computer science education: Teaching the basics of computer science on both a conceptual and an applied level, from primary school level into adulthood.
  • Technology supported school organisation and development: Taking advantage of technologies to support schools as learning organisations in which leadership and team processes are handled in a productive way.
  • Professional development for educators and leaders from primary school to university: Exploring the opportunities for self-directed and cooperative learning in professional online environments.
  • Curriculum development from primary school to university


You can find a list of current projects here. Completed projects are documented here.


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