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Research and development

Research and development are core activities of the Schwyz University of Teacher Education. With our R&D activities, we provide new relevant knowledge in the broad field of education. Research findings are not only the basis of our lectures, they are also the starting point for the development of various innovative tools for schools. Our research is partly self-initiated and partly based on and funded by external mandates.

Our key research areas

We cover a broad range of relevant themes related to schools and teachers, divided into three areas of specialization: the Institute for Media and Schools, the Career Research Programme and the Open Research Programme.

Institute for Media and Schools

The Institute focuses on how processes of teaching and learning can be supported by educational technology. How can children be prepared for life in our information society? What media-related challenges are there for schools and how can those challenges be met? What does this mean for teacher training? Over the last few years, we have endeavoured to answer such questions in various research projects, all of which have resulted in practically-oriented output for schools.

Career Research Programme

The Career Research Programme investigates questions related to careers, professional development and lifelong learning. Our focus is mainly on schools and teachers but we also conduct research into other professions and other types of organisations.

Open Research Programme

Our Open Research Programme comprises a broad range of teaching-related research projects that are not directly linked to educational technology or professional development.


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