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Research and development at PHSZ

Research and development form an important part of the activities at The Schwyz University of Teacher Education (PHSZ). Our research aims to review and expand the knowledge about learning and instruction, to contribute to the development of pedagogical expertise and to the contemporary research on the teaching profession. We develop and evaluate innovative instructional approaches, as well as useful products for schools and other educational institutions. In addition to initiating our own research, we also conduct research and development projects mandated by the federal government, the cantons, and the municipalities. Finally, we have also been commissioned by foundations and companies. 

Areas of research

Our research department hosts three specialised research institutes and an open research programme.

Institute for Media and School

In the Institute for Media and School (IMS) we focus on how digital technologies can effectively support and enhance teaching and learning. How can children be optimally prepared for a life in today’s information society? What are the challenges that schools are currently facing, and how can they be successfully addressed? What implications do these developments have for universities and teacher training programmes? We have targeted these questions in various projects funded by, for example, the Swiss National Science Foundation. Moreover, the Institute for Media and School has developed a wealth of practical teaching concepts, materials, and products for schools. more

Institute for Research on Professions and Professional Learning

In the Institute for Research on Professions and Professional Learning (IPP), we investigate how processes of lifelong learning in organisations take place and how these processes can be supported. Despite a specific focus on professional development in the teaching profession, the research also includes continuing education, in-service training, and staff development in other types of organisations and companies. more

Institute for Research on Instruction and Subject-Specific Education

In the Institute for Research on Instruction and Subject-specific Education (IUF), we investigate questions related to learning, teaching and instruction in specific subjects, the development of domain-specific and domain-general competences, and the development of professional practices of teachers. Our research and development covers all school subjects, but we have a special focus on arts and STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). more

Open Research Programme

The aim of the Open Research Programme consists in enabling and promoting research activities of persons whose main activity is not in the department of research and development through internal funding. Special emphasis is placed on the promotion of qualification theses (i.e. dissertations and habilitations). Funded projects deal with topics that relate to the training of teachers or that are relevant to schools and teaching.

Contact us

Please contact us for more information or a first consultation (forschung @ phsz.ch, +41 41 859 05 28).


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