"because I want to continue my professional development"

Lifelong learning

We provide a number of continuing professional development courses, and are here to support you during your entire professional career. If you are a school director or principal, we can advise and assist you in providing your professional staff with suitable courses. If you are a member of a school board, we are available to help you  plan and implement continuing professional development programmes.

Our areas of emphasis

We can provide particular expertise in the development of human resources, learning curricula, and organisational structures. We can help youto  expand your professional skills, maintain job satisfaction and stay emotionally and physically healthy. In addition, we can open up doors to new professional opportunities. We can assist school organisations to meet current and future challenges, and we can help you ensure that your personnel obtain the qualifications they seek.

Customised courses

Are you interested in continuing professional development programmes for yourself? Or are you looking for custom-designed courses as part of a school development project or for an internal continuing professional development programme at your school? Are you struggling with questions about the development, planning or organisation of school-based or individual continuing professional development programmes? We would be glad to help you with our wide range of services:

  • Continuing professional development courses (MAS PDLE)
  • Language study stays
  • Supplementary training programmes
  • Custom-designed courses
  • Continuing professional development consultation

Our network

Our partners include universities (Chichester), school principals, education authorities, teaching professionals (NILE), educational administrators, and training professionals. Our system of collaboration with these partners guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our professional models and services.

Contact us

We would be glad to meet you personally at the campus of the Schwyz University of Teacher Education. You can contact us during office hours from Monday to Friday at +41 41 859 05 98 or by e-mail: weiterbildung @ phsz.ch.


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